Translations and interpretations

BSB ABOGADOS offers the service of translation and interpretation FRENCH/SPANISH, through the associate lawyer Ornella Mena Bompar, with an University Degree in French Law (University de Nice – France) as well as in Spanish Law (University of Malaga).

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General translations

All types of non-specialised documents.

Legal juridical sworn translations

All types of documents; contracts, testaments, minutes, title-deeds, powers of lawyer, legalizations, etc. (A Juridical Translation is a type of specialised translation in Law)

Sworn translations

birth certificates, marriage matrimony, decease, university degrees, passports, etc.
Sworn translations will be done by one of our team members.

Publicity and commercial translations

brochures, leaflets, marketing campaigns, etc.

Financial translations

banking and accounting documents.

Translations Correspondence Type

letters, memorandums, etc.

With the evolution of technologies and the necessity to communicate as fast as possible, we provide a service of translations of correspondence through e-mail, with a monthly quota or fee. For more information, please contact us.

Literary translations

novels, essays, bibliographies, glossaries, press, etc.

Computing translations

web page translations, smart phone applications (you will be able to find our translations in numerous web pages and applications).

Gastronomic translations

menus, recipe, etc.

Audiovisual translations

translation of scripts, subtitles of films, etc.