Tax and Accounting Law

BSB ABOGADOS offers financial monitoring of your company for the correct management and planning of the tax year according to the needs of your business. We analyse each case on an individual basis. This monitoring leads to a reduction in taxation and greater profitability of your assets.

In order to achieve this objective, BSB ABOGADOS is committed to your company through a professional, efficient and tailor-made service, from the keeping of the accounts to their revision, including the organisation of the accounts, the preparation of annual budgets, etc.

1.- Organisation of invoices and their accounting.
2.- Keeping of official accounting books.
Up-to-date bank reconciliation (depending on the needs of each client).
4.- Legalisation of the official accounting books.
5.- Drafting of the Minutes of the General Meeting and Deposit of the annual accounts.
6.- Internal audit.

We plan your company’s tax policy and manage all your quarterly and annual taxes, so that you do not have to worry about anything.

We process all the declarations that your company needs to comply with all its tax obligations:

1.- Corporation Tax and its payments on account.
2.- Income and Wealth Tax Return.
3.- VAT, (monthly or quarterly).
4.- Personal Income Tax withholdings.
5.- Intra-Community Transactions.
6.- Instalment payments direct estimation and objective estimation (modules).
7.- Annual declaration of operations with third parties and entities in attribution of income.
8.- Related transactions.
9.- Annual summaries.
10. -Any other declaration required by the particularities of the client.