At BSB ABOGADOS, we rely with specialised lawyers in immigration who will give you all the necessary advice and will process all the necessary paperwork to give you solutions with any problem that you may have.

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  • Urgent assistance in Police Dependencies, Courts of Law and in the C.I.E. (Center for Retention of Foreigners)
  • Residence permits: residence and employment, residence due to exceptional circumstances, residence for family reunification, residence for the elderly persons, etc.
  • Authorizations; authorizations to work, authorizations to return, etc.
  • Renovations; residence renewals, renovation of extension of visas, etc.
  • Modification for the Authorization of Residence.
  • Student Visas.
  • Obtaining Nationality.
  • Obtaining N.I.E. Number.
  • Certification of foreign degrees and diplomas with the Spanish Ministry of Education.
  • Letter of Invitation to foreigners.
  • Matrimony between spanish and foreigners.