Criminal Law

At BSB ABOGADOS we have a team with recognised experience in the resolution of criminal proceedings in the different criminal courts.

We guide and advise our clients at all stages of the criminal proceedings, from arrest and attendance at the police station to sentencing in any of the criminal courts.

We also have the support of specialists from other practice areas when necessary, thus offering a comprehensive defence in order to achieve the best result for our clients.
We have a 24-hour service for assistance to detainees. We practise throughout Spain.

Areas of practice:
– Crimes against road safety
– Gender violence offences
– Crimes against public health
– Crimes against persons (injuries and reckless homicides).
– Documentary falsehoods.
– Pardon requests.
– Penitentiary law.
– Minor offences
– Offences committed by minors.
– Extraditions and international search and arrest.
– Crimes against privacy and self-image.
– Environmental offences.
– Offences against health and safety at work.
– Offences against regional planning.
– Offences against honour (slander and libel).
– money laundering
– Offences against property and against the socio-economic order.
– Offences against public administration and the administration of justice (prevarication, bribery and corruption).
– Offences against the Public Treasury and Social Security.
– Corporate offences corporate criminal law.

– Any other matter relating to criminal law.